No. 1 on the market
No. 1 on the market
We belong among
the most important
Czech producers of
Surgical drapes and sets.
Panep celebrates 30th anniversary
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About company
About company
We are one of the most important Czech
manufacturers and suppliers of surgical drapes,
surgical sets and gauze products.
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The employees of the Panep company supported the inhabitants of Moravská Nová Ves damaged by the tornado in the amount of CZK 441,900


Thanks to increased hygienic measures, production in Panep works at 100%


Significant expansion of the sewing workshop and several new purely Czech products


We bring you a unique view of the construction of new premises of the company Panep in Rosice - HERE


With the new year we opened a newly built administrative building in Rosice u Brna. Another big step for Panep.


The newly-approved production facilities in Medzilaborce in Slovakia have significantly increased production capacity.


We have started construction of new production facilities in Rosice, which will increase production capacity almost by 30%.


We have got brand new colorful disposable surgical caps among our products. Show me more


Cunstruction of new production building in Medzilaborce (SVK) just started. It will offer 50 new worker position [VIDEO]


We have made new sets just for You to make the most important moment of human life even more beautiful.


The seminar of Management was held with Jan Mühlfeit, one of the most successful Czech manager. More on Facebook.


In the Pardubice hospital the demonstrations of Savánek & Hebounek was held for the entire region of Pardubice. Product promo video had a very positive response.


New websites and, where you can find video and more detailed information about this NEW product.


A new catalogue in english is available from now on with text search.


We made a presentation video for you - the main role is played by our new product Savanek & Hebounek


The Panep company celebrates 25 years since it's foundation. Your loyalty and trust moves us forward. Thank you.


Gallery of all Panep calendars was added. The content will be expanded to Wallpapers in near future.


In brand new catalogue of Panep we prepared for You many new products and all remastered standard products also.


New website has been published with expanded content and complete language mutations.


Are you interested in how are manufactured products in the Panep? Visit our new channel on YouTube and see for yourself.


The company of Panep underwent revitalization steps leading to a new and fresh look. One of these many changes it new logo.


With the new year we have prepared for You a new calendar with amazing colors.